For the past year, Steve Errato (on guitar and bass) and Mike Davis-Penta (on drums and vocals) have been smashing out hard, gritty, alternative rock in their Connecticut studio. Steve recorded and produced over 15 original tracks before handing their self-titled, 6 song EP “Eightfold” over to friend and Grammy award-winning producer Warren Russel-Smith at NYC’s Magic Shop for mastering.

Buy: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/eightfold2

Eightfold’s brand of rock illustrates just how big a sound two people can make. Raw and meaty, the music channels diverse musical influences from Led Zeppelin to Alice in Chains. Their songs range from soulful, vocal driven ballads with melody-infused guitar licks, to progressive compositions with catchy hooks, heavy bass, and shredding guitar stomps.

“Intent” MP3: http://www.skopemag.com/audio/Intent.mp3

Eightfold has created a powerful, modern sound vaguely reminiscent of the best alternative metal and alternative rock. The familiar sound is an intentional and refreshing departure from the retro-minded Indie Garage Rock currently prevalent.


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