Blow-hard politicians and deceitful talking heads got you down? Never fear, the Guitarbiter of Truth is here! In Golden Bloom’s latest, and most delightfully elaborate music video yet, “Rhyme the Reason,” Shawn Fogel plays a frustrated folk musician who transforms into a silver-panted super hero wielding the Guitarbiter of Truth, which reveals the truth about everyone who feels its blast. Bluetoothed workaholics turn to weed-smoking bros, loud-mouthed politicians turn to gun-toting maniacs and self-important newscasters transform into alcoholic clowns. Joining Fogel is Timmy Williams (IFC’s “Whitest Kids U Know”) playing multiple parts. Bringing it all together is director Alicia J Rose, who has directed videos for Menomena, AgesandAges and Viva Voce to name a few, and whose sense of fun clearly lines up with Fogel’s.

“Rhyme the Reason” is available now:

The song is available on Golden Bloom’s latest EP, “March to the Drums” which was released August 16th.

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