Mahoney and the Moment, Mahoney and the Moment

It is amazing how much incredible music I have been exposed to since taking this job at Skope. Mahoney and the Moment is no exception; they are a new band hitting the scene from New York City. It is an eclectic display of folk and Americana. There is a blend of a female and male vocal that mesh so amazingly well together you forget there are two voices.

This CD is a nice piece of work that shows harmonies at their finest. The folksy sound would not be complete with out the melodic interchanges between the two voices. Emily sings a few songs; still in twined with Steve with such precision. Her voice is unique and compelling. She has raspy twinges mixed in with angelic nuances. She manipulates it to accentuate the particular sound that is needed for each song.

I have to admit my favorite songs on the CD are the ones with Emily as the lead vocalist. Her voice is so tantalizing. She pulls you in and you can’t let go until the last note is sung. No offense to Steve. He certainly holds his own too. Together they are brilliant but I can not do this review with out mentioning the incredible contribution from Emily.  

For a new band they definitely seem to know what they are doing. They sound like they have been doing this for years. They have a genuine blend and in my opinion, longevity in the music industry.

Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 3.5/5]

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