Jonathan Coulton speaks to the outcast in all of us, in the voices of characters we know from our own sad little lives. It’s no surprise that he has one of the most passionate fan bases around. More than fans, they are his champions and patrons.   Orders of Artificial Hearton his website have already surpassed $100,000 months before the physical release with hundreds of fans purchasing “The Big Package of Everything” which includes the album, three shirts, vinyl, demos, live recordings, and USB of his complete works and more. Fans must first take Jonathan’s hilarious personality questionnaire before being able to purchase “The Big Package of Everything”.

He is also gearing up for his second fan cruise in February 2012. This past January saw hundreds of fans join him for a 6-day cruise of the Caribbean with daily performances.   This year’s entertainment includes John Hodgeman, MC Frontalot, David Rees, The Long Winters’ John Roderick and more. His song “Still Alive”, famously the soundtrack to the end credits of the game Portal and its sequel, has a cult of its own. YouTube clips of the game’s credits, which feature no image beyond the actual credits, have amassed over 19 million views due to fans wanting to hear the song.

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