Groovebug, a new Chicago based start-up, has created an application for the iPad that uses your music collection to create an iPad magazine tailored to your musical tastes.     The app scans your library, compiles rich content from the net, and builds a fluid magazine experience that you simply swipe through – similar to Flipboard.   Groovebug is powered by Echonest, Youtube, and a powerful custom aggregation engine.


Digital music downloads and devices like the iPod revolutionized how we listen to music, making it highly portable.   Artists and publishers moved music related content like videos, bios, images and articles to social networks, blogs and mircoblogs. Recently, music streaming and cloud services have given music fans access to vast libraries of recorded music from anywhere at very low cost.   Technology companies like the Echonest have created frameworks to discover music based on extremely sophisticated similar artists algorithms. There is incredible access to artists now through all of these yet lack the cohesive experience of the past (sitting with album art and packaging and reading liner note, looking at photos, reading their thank you lists, seeing where it was recorded and how, etc).   Groovebug offers a unique flip through of all things related to an artist in simple swipes of the iPad eliminating the need to go search several sites or possibly missing information by skipping a crucial site.

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