Lights Resolve, the trio from Long Island, NY, has signed with Rock Ridge Music and will release its debut album, “Feel You’re Different,” via the label on October 25, 2011.   For Feel You’re Different, Lights Resolve recorded in Bethpage, NY with legendary Long Island producer Mike Sapone (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday). “As a three-piece, we’re trying to create the most broad sound possible with just three guys on stage,” says singer/guitarist Matthew Reich. “For this record, we wanted to create a more raw and ballsy atmosphere that bore a closer resemblance to our live show. We’re super proud of what we created, and it’s by far our greatest work to date.”
Thematically, the album developed into both a commentary on embracing individuality and coming to grips with one’s own personal development; both are topics the members of Lights Resolve know all too well from recent years.   “To me, Feel You’re Different was originally about embracing your unique qualities and finding comfort in your own skin,” explains Reich. “New meaning was found by realizing that as time passes, you change and formulate new opinions to experience your world in different ways. It’s all about the struggle of change and obstacles.”

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