The Fairchilds will release their debut album Our Revolution via independent label Vertusent on September 27, 2011.     Singer Cyril Niccolai sees his dreams realized with this release, having detoured from a career in medicine to follow his aspiration to become an international recording artist.   Niccolai was raised in Nice, France, and contrary to the vision of his parents, his chosen path has become a case study displaying how perseverance and talent can make dreams come true.
Niccolai is a modern Renaissance man of sorts.   An accomplished singer and songwriter, he has spent a decade honing his skills and becoming an artist ready for the world stage.   Contemporaneously, he studied medicine and law in university, engages in a variety of sports including tennis, golf and scuba diving, dabbles in still and video photography, has a keen interest in literature and art, and aspires to run the New York City Marathon.   For now though, his focus is purely on The Fairchilds.   The band’s moniker is a tribute to a Fairchild vintage amp used in tracking the debut recording.

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