Smack in the middle of two unique and diverse cultures, budding indie artist Fereshta is quickly charming audiences from coast to coast with her thoughtful lyrics and intoxicating brand of alternative rock. Fresh off the release of her debut full length, Global Citizen, this Afghani native is utilizing her music to affect positive change within the U.S. and abroad, while communicating themes of peace and activism. In an era rampant with apathy, carelessness, and ignorance, Fereshta is defining herself by creating music with a meaning while sharing her own fascinating story of persecution and exile.

‘Global Citizen’:

Hailing from Afghanistan, Fereshta’s parents escaped an unstable and dangerous situation, fleeing to Pakistan where they were eventually able to reach the U.S., thanks to sponsorship from a generous Baptist church in New York. Growing up in Virginia, she found solace and inspiration through traditional rock and roll, falling deep into the influences of legendary artists such as The Doors, Cream and Jimi Hendrix. After spending over two years inking material in Los Angeles for Global Citizen, Fereshta finally released the twelve song collection in 2011, blending other influences like Alanis Morissette, Candlebox and Heather Nova to generate a captivating, addictive sound.

Her music continues to spread throughout college radio, reaching over 100 unique stations while the title track from Global Citizen begins to climb the charts as her popularity starts to swell. With an upcoming tour slated for the fall and a new record already underway, Fereshta relentlessly works on her craft as she begins to blossom into one of the best new indie singer/songwriters in the Los Angeles area.

Fereshta’s commitment to activism, peace, and developing understanding between her two countries bleeds through into Global Citizen, as a portion of the proceeds from her performances and record sales will be donated to the Central Asia Institute, an organization constructing schools for children in Afghanistan. With a focus on the human experience and compassion, she is quickly proving herself as an artist who is not only spreading a message, but supporting it through action, time, and music.

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