But fast-forward 20 years or so, and Ben Lee is still making records.   In fact, clearly a creative departure and perhaps Ben’s most ambitious work to date, his latest, eighth full length under his own name, Deeper Into Dream, will be released on October 11th on another well-known LA-based label, Dangerbird Records.

Harnessing the theme of dream work, the heady is still somehow handled with particular grace — Ben encapsulates by saying, “This album is about dreams, and like a dream, it bubbled up mysteriously from my unconscious.   I’m listening to it wondering what it is, and why it came, what it has to tell me.”

What comes across the transom is far from a cold study, but rather a new wisdom shared by an old friend – Ben’s own personal journey set to music.   So, it makes sense that the album is interspersed with recorded accounts of dreams from a number of house visitors over a 3-month period, which make up three “dream collages” you’ll hear on Deeper Into Dream, along with 10 brilliant and diverse new songs.

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