For those in the know, I have been doing this column for many years now. I have grown to respect other creative types like myself that understand that it takes time & patience to get where you want to be. This next group today fits that mold and I am so excited to be able to anounce that Mongrel Mix is getting ready to put out a NEW album.   The guys put out ‘Predatory Heat’ in 2004 and I have been waiting since then. We even had the guys on Skoped Out just about a year ago in 2010. Lets get right into this today as we talk about the new album, Philadelphia, digital downloads, and much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from and are you excited the NFL will be back in the fall?

Ted: Absolutely. Talking from Butler, New Jersey – proud to say the producer of our next record is also a huge Eagles fan.

Stoli: How did you guys first decide to call the band, Mongrel Mix?

Ted: Mongrel is the best way to describe all the members and their different musical tastes. And Motley Crue was already taken.

Stoli: This is your second time as my guest on Skoped Out. How does that feel to have such amazing longevity?

Juju: Feels real good, to be back again. You’re about to get something real refreshing with the new album.

Stoli: What does that say about the four of you to stick together and still create such excellent music?

Ted: That’s how we know we have the mix of people, the musical ideas keep flowing through like they are downloaded from outer space.

Stoli: You released ‘Predatory Heat’ a few years back. When will the new self titled album be out?

Buy ‘Predatory Heat’:

Ted: We’ve had various versions of our music out there, but we’ve hooked up with a new producer who has worked with some big bands in the industry like Alice in Chains and Dave Matthews.   We’re going with songs for the new record that will capture the energy we have live that didn’t always come out on previous recordings.

Stoli: How long have you been writing & recording the new album?

Barry: We’ve been in preparation for the last 4 months. We are finding a way to coalesce and recapture the energy of songs we already have – plus a new take on the music that has grown out of our recent live performances.

Stoli: Would you say that you guys prefer playing live verse being recording in the studio?

Juju: Both, hearing us back in the studio is great – to get a polished version of our live sound.     Doing a record means we will have shows coming up, and playing live leads to more ideas to go back in the studio.

[youtube EUR6MjCNGTs nolink]

Stoli: Being from Philly, what are some cool live venues that you play & go to?

Ted: Trocadero, Electric Factory, The Fire, TLA, Johnny Brenda’s, The Grape Room.

Stoli: How do you balance work, family, friends and your passion for music?

Barry: It’s complicated.   Next question.

Stoli: I love your song “Anywhere You Are” from the first album. What is the song about?

Barry: I wrote it at 6am on Easter sunday.   The night before, my newly adolescent daughter was going on her first date and wanted to assure me that I was still the love of her life.  

Stoli: Do you expect to sell more albums digital or physical this time around?

Ted: We like digital downloads because its like in the past when you could buy a single, its easier for the public to invest in a new band without buying the whole CD.

Stoli: What is the lead single to this new album and will there be a video?

Barry: There is going to be a video but our producer is still in the process of finding which single it will be.

Stoli: What is coming up for Mongrel Mix and where you at online?

Ted: The first priority is finishing the CD and scheduling performance dates / put a tour together after our video is complete. We can be found on Skope Magazine online as well as facebook, twitter, and

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