The confident and confrontational Art Brut return with their new studio album Brilliant! Tragic! on May 24rd. The first single “Lost Weekend” is released the week before on May 16th.

Again produced by Black Francis but unlike its predessesor Art Brut vs Satan, which was recorded in under two weeks, Brilliant Tragic’s writing process was a lot more intense than usual, as Eddie Argos explains “with the last album we met up every couple of months and wrote three or four songs. This time we got together in the second half of the year and wrote whenever we could 2 or 3 times a week. We had more time in the studio this time too (about a week more) so Black Francis had time to teach me how to sing.” and “I’m very proud that I sing on it. Only took four albums to start singing, not bad.”

[youtube 35zNIqwtBUY nolink]

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