Raised in NYC in the ’80s and L.A. in the ’90s, Dominican-American emcee Rheteric Ramirez has been making a home for himself at the sweet spot where brains meet fist for the last fifteen years. His unique brand of ‘intellectual mauling’ has made him one of underground hip-hop’s most most unique emcees much like Nocando, resident host of L.A.’s notorious Low End Theory weekly and founder of Hellfyre Club, the new imprint under Alpha Pup Records now presenting Rhet’s first single “Break Tha Bank”.

Hellfyre is also home to emcees Intuition, Open Mike Eagle, Sahtyre and VerBS. “Eric was one of my top 3 influences in the L.A. rap scene as a teenager,” says Nocando. “He was original, witty, and passionate about everything he said. I really believe that there are no lies in his music. He has always been a polarizing guy, either you love him or you hate him. If you show love for him he’ll fight for you, if you show hate for him you might get your a*s kicked.”

[youtube W1Zst28DlAA nolink]


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