Always pushing the musical envelope, PERRY FARRELL is keeping it fresh as he leads into this summer’s 20th anniversary of Lollapalooza, his groundbreaking festival he founded and continues to produce today. Alongside his rock roots, FARRELL’s passion for electronic music continues with PerryEtty–his project with his wife and musical partner Etty Farrell–and the release of new dance floor tracks and a corresponding live show produced along with creative partner, French producer Joachim Garraud.   The first offering will be Perry Farrell presents PerryEtty “Applause For You,” a single to be released by Ultra Music on July 26 and a remix by Bass Jackers on August 9 with remixes from Junior Sanchez and Sonic C to follow.    

Other tracks they’ve created include “Dancing On a Star” and “Calling Her,” to be featured on an EP (release date TBA).   The new tracks evoke good times and party vibe from the shores of Miami to the nightclubs of Paris.   For the last year, PerryEtty have been performing these tracks live. From Lollapalooza Chile to Art Basel Miami, PerryEtty vs. Chris Cox, their project together with world renowned producer Chris Cox, the trio ignite party fires around the globe with stellar electro sets highlighted by these new songs.

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