Mandala, the moniker of the musical project started by London’s Cameron McLain, are set to release their debut record The Visitation in October via The Odes records. The Visitation is a unique musical statement, which manages to draw on different musical styles while creating a unified musical world where humor, tragedy, and sensuality are all equally present. Cameron’s warm and soulful voice narrates this world and carries us through it by the hand. The Visitation will be followed by an extensive US and European tour. Tour dates to be announced.

Cameron McClain grew up in London, going to high school alongside many now-famous UK folk musicians, including Winston from Mumford & Sons, Charlie Fink and Tom Hobden of Noah & The Whale, and even had a band with Andrew Davie of Cherbourg. Cameron was around at the beginning stages of this now world-famous UK folk scene, performing at some of the early country nights at The Bosun’s Locker.

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