Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find rock bands that refuse to be pigeonholed to a single style. But the Stick People are certainly an exception, as they manage to fuse together elements of hard rock, alternative rock, and punk rock — as evidence by their full-length debut, ‘Madness.’

[youtube mJRzwsmo5NU nolink]

There’s a reason why the Stick People are so adept at touching upon a variety of styles – its members are rock music veterans, having learned their skills playing with quite a few renowned names.

Case in point, guitarist/vocalist Mike Stone has played with Queensrÿche, Klover, Bret Michaels, and Peter Criss, guitarist Bernie Godwin with credits including a track on the latest ‘My Name is Bruce’ soundtrack with Bruce Campbell, and bassist Billy Close has played with the Drop Kick Murphys and Klover. Rounding out the line-up is lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Stephen D Duffy and drummer Frankie Anthony.

‘Madness’ Track Listing:

1. Open Up
2. Waiting
3. Madness
4. I Am the Rain
5. Bulletproof
6. Think About That
7. My Everything
8. The Box
9. Hello, Goodbye
10. Flip
11. Matter of Time
12. Trust
13. Misery’s Angel

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