Adolfo Lazo, Flowers On Gooey Sand Dunes

Adolfo Lazo is back with his brand new release titled ‘Flowers on Gooey Sand Dunes’.   I had the chance to review Adolfo’s last album ‘On Tape’ back in ’08 ( and I knew then that Adolfo Lazo was a serious artist that would be around for quite awhile.   The title of the new record fits the mood of the entire 11-song set because it’s nothing but fun all the way through.  

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Just as Adolfo’s previous solo effort offered up so many different musical elements, ‘Flowers On Gooey Sand Dunes’ is doing much of the same.   I’m hearing American rock, Latin rock, folk, reggae, country and blues all on the same CD!   Lazo has created his own brand of music here that has such a cool vibe overall.   This trendsetter is mixing genres like crazy but all the while making it work.   Every single song on this album is a true representation of who Adolfo Lazo is as an artist and a musician.   Mr. Lazo has found his true identity here on ‘Flowers On Gooey Sand Dunes’ and so if the song fits, sing it & play it loud!      

All songs on the disc are written by Adolfo Lazo and he and Dave Halverson produced the record.   There are also a number of guest musicians that added a wonderful layer to the whole mix.   I’d also like to add that the cover art is very inviting and visually appealing to the naked eye.   It’s also worth mentioning that the guitar playing stood out to me as being extremely productive & efficient.  

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The CD starts up with the title track where right out of the gates Adolfo is hitting you with some reggae, folk, rock and country all at once.   Right away I’m getting that distinct quality that really makes   Adolfo and his music stand out in a positive way.   The atmosphere is fun & free and this sensation carries on throughout the whole album.   Next up you have “Dinero” where you’ll hear a splash of Latin rock followed by “Green Stemmed Roses” where you get a real nice ‘n’ subtle approach all to the sound of some country, folk & rock.   By the time you hit track four “I’d Do” you realize that Lazo has a real knack for songwriting where he’s simply shining in the realm of folk singing.   “900 Miles” is one catchy tune that will have you clapping from beginning to end.   One extremely nice harmony section and a killer melody can be heard on this track as well.   Next up is “Oh You Know It” which happens to be my favorite song because of its cool reggae rock flavor.   I’m really feelin’ this number where all vocal parts blended together perfectly and the harmonies really catch your attention.   Another great song and one of my favorites is “Your Virgin Ears” because the folky island rock comes alive and makes you feel so damn good.  

Adolfo Lazo’s creativity, originality and eclectic nature comes through loud & clear on ‘Flowers On Gooey Sand Dunes’.   No restrictions when it comes to making music for Adolfo and I love that aspect!   It’s just about havin’ fun and doing something that feels right; mission accomplished here.   I highly recommend this artist and this new release to anyone out there and I can’t wait to see what Adolfo Lazo comes out with next!   I feel that the material will only continue to improve and become even more diverse as time goes on.   I sense that there will be some excting times ahead for this indie artist who exhibits high levels of potential.  

For more info check out and you can also buy ‘Flowers On Gooey Sand Dunes’ at: iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Adolfo Lazo’s music is now on Pandora & Jango and you can also find him on Facebook & Myspace.   Watch out for this man with the masterplan who brings nothing but pure inventiveness to the table.

Upcoming Performance:

CD Release Party coming up on,
Thursday July 21st. @ The Starry Plough 3101 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA 94705
Adolfo Lazo Band goes on at 10 pm.

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[Rating: 4/5]

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