From a world where music has become played out and predictable, comes a new, fresh sound; a sound that can only emanate via the band F.Y.B. (For You Brother). This songwriter/musician machine writes and performs songs you love at the speed of light in their South Carolina studios.

The multifaceted duo, John Davis and Melvin Blakely, are garnering fans by ushering in a new era of music, tinged with the style of Jimmy Hendrix and flavored with rock and even at times hip hop. It’s about time the music world got a taste of this band, don’t you think?

[youtube FOiMrjyMVo4 nolink]

John Davis, a.k.a. Dash, has played guitar all his life, and is using inflences such as Van Halen to create flavors all his own. His sound was heard in the beginning in a trio called Last Generation, which he founded. It was easy to tell this band was different because of the in your face sound of John Dash, and because of this fact, several endorsements came John’s way. Also, singles from their first album charted, catapulting the band into the public eye in the 1990’s.
“Rock My World” MP3:


Melvin Blakely, a.k.a. Deep, has been performing since the age of five, and is one powerful songwriting force. His first hit, Bad Like The Braves, a fight song written for the Atlanta baseball team, sold large numbers of units, and was played at the Braves’ stadium during their championship run. His music put him before the likes of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown at a young age. Since then, his tours have taken him from New York to California and his songwriting has landed him studio sessions with the likes of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff of Philadelphia International Records.

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