In celebration of its 15 year anniversary, music service provider is proud to announce the first of several new products: The Appetizer.   Since its inception, has passionately delivered live music content to music lovers across the world and now, with The Appetizer, bands are able to deliver fans a taste of last night’s show directly to the fans’ Facebook news feeds.  

What is most exciting about’s newest product is that unlike traditional Facebook Apps, The Appetizer appears in each fan’s news feed without any burden of having to install an App or visit a band page.   The challenge of getting fans to visit a band page to further engage are now minimized.   If an individual has “liked” a band, once The Appetizer is added to the band’s wall, the player and digital store will syndicate to the fan’s news feed as soon as he or she logs into Facebook, just as a status update from a friend would appear in the individual’s news feed.   This same method of syndication results to an individual’s Facebook friends as s/he shares, likes, and comments on a band’s post that includes The Appetizer.

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