Earth and the Next Society, Live Earth Teaser

All I have to say is OHHHH YEAHHHH!!!   I was supplied five tracks which is only about half of what you can expect to hear on their debut record ‘Live Earth’.   Let me tell you though that Earth and the Next Society still blew me away!   Their energy & force is second to none!

This group is made up of:   singer/guitarist/sole songwriter Michael Shields, Harry Burns on bass, Tom McMillan on keyboards and Ryan Baker on drums.   This is a smart rock band that is not just playing for entertainment purposes but also for the sake of mankind.   Shields & company are hoping to connect with ALL humans on a higher level so that we can all come together to make a drastic change in society.   Shifting of power & control from governments & conglomerate tyrants back to actual people is the mission and EATNS are here to convince you that WE can finally unite as ONE.   This is how it was originally intended and I feel the time is right!

Something unique about this five-track recording is the fact that it is a live concert album.   Recorded in parts of New Mexico and California, Earth and the Next Society captured a moment & scene that could not be duplicated in a studio.   Sure, the sound quality’s not 100% but it’s raw and I love that.   These guys seemed to have a great stage presence because you could hear the crowd clapping, yelling, shouting & whistling during and after their performances.   You could actually feel the connection between musician & audience and what a wonderful thing to experience.   I really wished I was there myself because I felt like I was missing out on something very special.

Earth and the Next Society displayed a catchy sound that hooked you in right away.   Besides rock, you also pick up on a bluesy rock feel on “People (Light and Love)” where a cool, Stevie Ray Vaughan vibe was being portrayed loud & clear.   You also have to admire impressive guitar playing like on “Create Reality” where Michael Shields had to show us ALL what he is made of.   I was really feelin’ this song myself to the point where I had to bust out my own air guitar–good stuff!

After it’s all said and done, I am now an instant fan and proud member of Earth and the Next Society.   Their music, their songs, their message and their live energy I can’t get enough of as EATNS worked it out on ALL levels.

I can not wait now to hear the full-length album so get ready for ‘Live Earth’ because it’s coming for you!  

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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