It looks like Stoli and Windows Media Guide both agree that Eliz Camacho is an artist on the rise. While they beat me to it by a week or so I am real excited to have Eliz here on Skoped Out. Eliz knows what looks good, sounds good, and she knows how to juggle multiple roles at once. Once you hear such songs from Eliz like “Sext Sexy Sex” and “Control” you have no choice but to dance or just nod your head. Another thing that I like about Eliz is she oozes with confidence, talent, & sex appeal. Eliz & her manager Roney Hooks are offering all readers an MP3 of “Turntables.” Come inside & meet Eliz Camacho!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and are you happy to see winter come to a close?
Eliz Camacho: Hello Everyone!!!!!!! I’m talking to you all from Fayetteville, North Carolina. “Carolina in the Hiz-ouse!!!!” (Laughing) You know winter is nice as far the “fashion” with the sexy boots, the warm sweaters, and leggings and all but ain’t nothin’ like some HOT, BLAZIN’, WARM, SOUTHERN HEAT!!!! (It gives me the “FEVER”!)

Stoli: At what age did you start and how did the church help you discover music & performing?

Eliz Camacho: Somewhere around 3 or 4, 5 maybe I just always had this attraction to the arts & entertainment. I mainly focused on “singing”. I sang in the church as a little girl. That’s where I knew I had the anointing and so I continued to use the “gift” that I still have until this day.
Stoli: Has your family been supportive of you pursuing music as a career?

Eliz Camacho: That’s a very interesting question and YES they have. My mother’s side of the family did some singing in their younger days but never really took it as a profession. So when i came along, I decided to pursue my career as a singer. As far as “talent’ abilities” they KNEW I had it without a doubt, but were skeptical because they really didn’t know how I would make it as an entertainer in “Fayetteville”. Most people don’t think you could make it BIG as an entertainer in a town like “Fayetteville”, but I’m working hard to be an example and show those whether you’re in a major city like “New York” or a smaller town in North Carolina that it CAN HAPPEN.

Stoli: You are also an actress & model. How do you juggle all that and what do you enjoy most?

Eliz Camacho: It’s very….Very….VERY EASY! (Laughing) For example, while I’m on stage, I HAVE to be an actress AND a model. I incorporate different poses in shows while I’m performing as well as while I’m singing. I normally tend to “act” out the words that I sing.” I basically have a 3 in 1 combination which allows me the opportunity to enjoy them ALL at once! (Smiles)

Stoli: What time of day or mood must you be in to write music?
Eliz Camacho: I don’t really have a specific time of “day” or “mood” that I must be in or put myself in. I usually just write whatever comes to my heart. That being said, I could walk past a beautiful flower in a nature trail and that gives me inspiration or even riding past an auto accident could be of inspiration to write. There are so many scenarios that i could use to help me in writing my music. BUT, I will tell you this, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the “rain”. It’s my FAVORITE type of weather, so WATCH OUT when it comes to some “pen, paper, and rain”! (Laughing)
“Turntables” MP3:

Stoli: How do you keep yourself always positive in mind & healthy in body?

Eliz Camacho: Well, maintaining a positive mind & body BOTH come from within. In having a positive mind, FIRST, you must be very confident in yourself. Knowing who you are and what you stand for are some of the factors that play a major role in being positive all around. Also, surrounding yourself with positive energy helps as well. Maintaining a healthy body requires EXERCISE. Aerobics (running, swimming, meditating etc.) and/or Anaerobic (HIT THE GYM!!!…laughing), eating HEALTHY, drinking WATER, taking vitamins, all the good stuff! Eating an apple a day REALLY keeps the doctor away…until you need your check-up! :)
Stoli: Would you agree that Lady Gaga is talented, but she is down with the Illuminati?
Eliz Camacho: Sure she’s talented! I’ve noticed a lot of people are really commenting on her style, her performances and her music. I’m not really sure if she’s down with the illuminati or not, but if she is, she makes it looks FUN & INTERESTING!!!
Stoli: What is your favorite musical accomplishment to date and what is one long term goal?

Eliz Camacho: You know I have MANY musical accomplishments that I’ve won and had the opportunity to be a part of such as performing for President Obama at the 2008 Fayetteville, North Carolina Obama Rally, but my recent accomplishment was winning “Best New Artist of the Year 2010” for the Independent Artist Music Awards in Fayetteville, NC. I set goals for myself every day, but for one of my long term goals, I am to PRACTICE, PRACTICE & MORE PRACTICE! Even after I’ve won EVERY Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, and major award, I will STILL continue to practice. Even at 85 years old! (Laughing)

Stoli: You were recently featured on Windows Media Guide which reaches a lot of people. How did you feel to get that recognition?

Eliz Camacho: (Playing “I’m So Excited” by The Pointer Sisters) WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAA!!!!! When I knew I was being recognized on Windows Media Guide, I LITERALLY was SPEECHLESS!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe a NEW EMERGING artist like, me, would be on Windows Media Guide so QUICKLY! I mean, I was LOST FOR WORDS! So the best way to describe my feeling would be the “I’m So Excited” song. (It’s still playing in my head now…laughing).
Stoli: Your song “Out Of Touch” is so hot! When did you write that song and what’s it about?
Eliz Camacho: “Awwwwww thaaaaaank yoooouuuu!!” I wrote “Out Of Touch” actually when I was in 8th grade. At the time, I think I ran my cell phone bill up sky high and so my mom took my phone away from me and of course I was “out of touch” with my friends and my phone so I had to WRITE instead of TALK and I came out with a BANGIN’ HIT! (Laughing) But this song could be related to ANY type of situation (i.e. relationships, scenarios, incidents…etc.)
Stoli: Do you think the industry expects female vocalists to not only be talented but sexy too and is that fair?

Eliz Camacho: In my opining and observation, image is EVERYTHING. It really depends on who that particular artist is. I, myself, like to be sexy in my appearance as well as my performance. Plus a lot of people in their descriptions about me frequently quote using the word “sexy’. It really depends on the artists’ creativity and how society perceives them in “their” eyes. Yes it is fair, because the artist creates the image for themselves and society puts a label on them.

Stoli: What advice can you offer young women about pursuing your passions and turning dreams into reality?
Eliz Camacho: The BEST advice that I could give to not only young women but to ANYONE is to LIVE YOUR DREAM. Meaning, don’t wait until the opportunity comes to you, act on it as if you were already given the opportunity. It makes others believe that you’ve already WON!
Stoli: What is coming up for Eliz Camacho and where you at online?
Eliz Camacho: The whole “SHA-BANG” and nothing less! (Laughing) There’s quite a bit going on. First, the album release party followed by my debut album release titled “House of Mirrorsâ„¢”, numerous appearances, features and performances, tour for B.E.T., hopefully tentative tour for “She Got Next 2011”, a major photo shoot for “El Barrio” magazine in New York, and a universe full of EXCITEMENT from yours truly “Elíz Camacho”. I can be found in a city near YOU as well as the INTERNET and your MOBILE DEVICE and TELEVISION SET SOON! (Laughing) Check me out at:

Thank you Skope Magazine for the wonderful opportunity and allowing me to share a portion of what “Elíz Camacho” is all about. LOVE, PEACE, and CARTOONS!!! (Laughing)

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