Meet Norwegian horror-house pop act Tôg – sizzling synthesizers, 60’s combo organs, arpeggio swirls and thumping, italo-house beats. Beginning through a chance encounter, songwriter Lars Christian Olsen and his room mate would conduct “disturbing” sessions of electronic music experimentation using laptop synthesizers and an old Farfisa organ. But as luck will have it with true musical genius, the two came to produce “Sansen” – a massive Summer hit in Norway.  

Joining forces with trusted friends and fellow musicians, the two began experimenting with various noises, perfecting and shaping the signature Tôg sound. Playing a string of shows across Norway, as well as national television and the highly reputable Hove-Festival and Øya Festival, the bands’ popularity in their home country continued to rise – playing packed clubs, dancing on couches, tables, barcounters and speakers.

Download “Sansen” MP3:


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