Steve is a well-rounded studio vet who has played with a virtual “Who’s Who” in the music industry, and was the six-string wizard behind Toto.   This release as expected, features some clever and tasty guitar work.  

The band he’s assembled for this disc include Steve on vocals and guitar, CJ Vanston on keys and atmospheres (whatever they are), Steve Weingart on keys, Carlitos Del Puerta on bass, Eric Valentine on drums, Lenny Castro on percussion, and assorted additional players/singers including Fee Waybill and Trevor and Tina Lukather.  

Brody’s and Flash In The Pan are both catchy, and lyrically deal with Luke’s social commentary.   Can’t Look Back, You’ll Remember, and On My Way Home reflect Steve’s trials and tribulations in the worlds of both the industry and personally.   Darkness In My World is a jazzed up Steely Dan sounding piece of social expression.   Watching The World is a Beatlesque ballad dealing with, well reality.     Tumescent is the catchy instrumental on the disc.   Don’t Say It’s Over is a heartfelt ballad that I can mentally place in an unnamed movie soundtrack.

As you listen to this release, you seem to recognize various guitar licks, sounds, and techniques that you’ve heard before on other artist’s songs.   Guess what?   Steve is the owner of these aforementioned riffs, and loaned them out on other recordings.   I think that this release is a catharsis for Steve, which fortunately for the listener brings out some high-spirited guitar work.   Give it a shot!

By R.M. Engelman

[Rating: 3/5]

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