Legendary drummer Travis Barker along with FSAS (Famous Stars and Straps) has teamed up with the ‘One Life One Chance’ (OLOC) organization headed by Toby Morse, the front man of the punk rock band H20. OLOC is an organization that promotes a Drug Free culture. Toby introduces today’s youth to his friends who all live clean healthy Positive lifestyles to show kids   that they too can be Drug Free and be cool too.

Through Barkers involvement some very lucky schools in NYC will be given entire drum kits.   Barkers clothing brand Famous Stars and Straps is also involved. “Toby, a long time friend and Family member of Famous Stars and Straps, approached the company about his ongoing efforts to spread the message of living with a “positive mental attitude”. Toby’s passion is undeniable and sincere, and understanding that kids all across America may benefit from Toby’s message, we wanted to provide any support we could.   If it’s providing promotional goods or helping him get to schools who can’t afford to have a speaker, we understand that Toby’s message of PMA (positive mental attitude) and way of life is something we all could use.”

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