Crafted over a three-year period in relative secrecy, Be Brave is the self-released album debut by Auditorium, a one-man project by singer-songwriter-musician Spencer Berger. Recorded, performed and mixed solely by Berger, Be Brave combines minimal instrumentation (acoustic guitars and electric bass) with a melodic fluency and vocal intimacy that one critic characterizes as ‘glam-folk,’ and that at times calls to mind the gentler aspects of such ’60’s bands as The Zombies. And in an age of single-track supremacy, Be Brave is very much an Album: 30 minutes that hold together and unfold seamlessly. The release date of Be Brave is scheduled for January 18, 2011.
About the album’s title, Berger says, “As the album took shape, bravery seemed to be running underneath almost all the songs. Specifically, the kind of bravery it takes to love, whether that’s loving another person, or caring deeply about something you’re working on. Sometimes I think that the hardest choice you can make is allowing yourself to care.”

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