The Material will release the band’s debut album independently on January 11, 2011.   Soon thereafter, the group who are no strangers to the road will begin a national tour with the intent of staying out there for the entire calendar year.   This follows multiple self-booked national coast-to-coast tours, which have been a catalyst in delivering the significant groundswell the band now enjoys.   Alongside these excursions, they appeared at the 2010 Warped Tour on the Ernie Ball stage in San Diego, and on the Motel 6 Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour Sponsored By with Every Avenue, There For Tomorrow, Sing It Loud and The Secret Handshake this past summer.
Hailing from San Diego, CA, The Material has been supported by media outlets in the realms of television, Internet, radio, and even video games.   The band was selected out of 4,000 bands to perform live on MTV’s Dew Circuit Breakout and selections from the band’s repertoire have been featured on MTV’s “The Hills”, the WB’s “Sorority Forever”, and multiple other placements.

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