Catherine Duc, Visions and Dreams

Get ready as Catherine Duc brings to life her new work Visions and Dreams.   The music here is musically bright and full of sun shine.   Prepare yourself as Duc takes you on a relaxing journey that will satisfy your mind, body & soul.  
The beauty of this record is that Catherine successfully blended together a colorful array of styles.   On this disc, you are hearing head-on Ambience in all its glory.   You will also pick up on Celtic themes, World music, Pop and even Electronica.   If that isn’t enough for you, Catherine Duc goes even further to include Orchestral, Classical, Spanish, South American, Middle Eastern and Eastern elements.   Mix it all together and Visions and Dreams is the outcome.  
This multi-dimensional artist from Australia really put together a fine piece of work here.   From the moment you check out the front cover, you see the glowing sun shining away over water & land.   The imagery of this spectacular landscape shot is absolutely breathtaking.   The cover art prepares you for what is ahead and that is Catherine Duc creating music that one can get lost in.   Even if it is just for a brief moment, Duc captures a peaceful scene that will be hard to ignore.   You also can’t ignore the fact that this musician wrote and produced this entire project.   She has come up with something that can be enjoyed & appreciated by many people.
As I listened to Visions and Dreams, I caught myself closing my eyes and daydreaming myself.   The music sets you up for that as it truly paints such a tranquil environment.   I believe this record would be perfect for maybe yoga, meditation or if you’re just lying down & kickin’ back and you want to hear something soothing.  
Catherine Duc will guarantee to put your entire self at ease with her world full of joy, wonder & happiness.   If this Australian artist can’t relax you and make you forget about life for a minute, then I don’t know who or what will.   You will have your own thoughts and reactions after hearing this 10-track collection but this is where Visions and Dreams can be made.   What you get out of this album is all up to you and that’s the fun part.   Catherine Duc has shared with us her personal Visions and Dreams, so what are yours???   For more info, SKOPE out  
By Jimmy Rae (
[Rating: 4/5]

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