Farrad has become a hot name because of his flexibility: club hits aren’t all he does. He’s comfortable with synthpop and disco, but he can also apply his pipes to dirty soul and heavy rock, too. For such an expressive instrument, Farrad’s voice is surprisingly sturdy — he can go toe to toe with big guitars and come away unscathed.

“Misunderstood” is the perfect vehicle for these kinds of explorations. It’s a slinky groove, compulsively danceable and irresistibly catchy. The song is simul ­taneously a come-on and a kiss-off, and Farrad throws down with complete con ­viction. Those interested in the singer’s music ought to start here first: “Misunderstood” presents Farrad as a complete character; a fascinating study in contradictions; a man with a sensitive heart and a balled fist.

[youtube 1XbxItGRdW4 nolink]


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