The Rolling Stones 1969-1974 :The Mick Taylor Years

The Rolling Stones 1969-1974 : The Mick Taylor Years   tells the story behind what is often considered The Rolling Stone’s   greatest period.     Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main St. and Goats Head Soup were all released during guitarist Mick Taylor‘s five year stint with the group.
This DVD is the equivalent of receiving a sticker as a “prize” in a box of Cracker Jacks. The   interviews with   Al Perkins,   Alan Clayson, Bill Plummer, John Mayall, John Perry   (musicians) Barney Hoskyns,   Nigel Williamson,   Robert Christgau and Robert Greenfield (music critics) reveal nothing insightful.   Overall, the   cheap production value of the DVD (with it’s lack of animated menus, poor audio transitions and   overuse of Apple iMovie quality effects) is almost laughable.   For example, the   lack of research shows each time the British voiceover artist ties the clips together by reiterating what the previous interviewee said, without adding anything to it. To add insult to injury, the narration is presented with public domain Rolling Stones -esque   music playing in the background.
Overall, The Rolling Stones 1969-1974: The Mick Taylor Years seems to be put out to coincide with/ profit from the re-release of Exile on Main St.   Do yourself a favour and put the   money you would spend on this DVD towards buying   Mick Taylor a drink to forget he ever agreed to do this documentary.
By: Shawn Alexander Roy –
[Rating: 1/5]

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