Ra Ra Riot, The Orchard

If you haven’t heard of Ra Ra Riot, don’t fret: it won’t be long now before this band is the biggest thing in the indie universe.

Possessing the flair for dramatic brilliance of The Hidden Cameras and the genuine, soft songwriting skills of Bright Eyes finer work, Ra Ra Riot seem to have everything going for them. The Orchard is truly a fruitful venture; the sweet yet bombastic indie pop portrayed on the record, from the soulful build of “Massachusetts” to the retro stomp of “Boy” is ripe for the picking.

How Ra Ra Riot manages to make their upbeat and bountiful ethos sound so compact is a thing of beauty. `You And I Know` is a graceful, keyboard-driven number that walks a fine line: it moves slowly, but never teeters. One of only two slower numbers on The Orchard, it`s good to know that the band know how to keep their ship on course.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 4/5]

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