The message of Bill Cosby’s timeless rapport with children and families may not have changed, but the medium has. OBKB is his latest creation that brings to on-line media the same special qualities that made The Cosby Show and Fat Albert iconic television favorites the world over.   Through your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Cosby’s inimitable storytelling and priceless interactions with young people–plus Fat Albert’s “Hey! Hey! Hey!”–are now available as a weekly streaming series on demand at your fingertips.  

Fans can now download the OBKB mobile app, which also features rare videos, audiobooks, news updates, fan wall, alarm clock and more at Apple’s iTunes for a cost of $1.99. This new series is presented as part of the entertainer’s renewed association with JELL-O, one of America’s most beloved brands.   The title “OBKB” is drawn from the “Fat Albert” cartoon character, Mushmouth, saying “OK.”

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