After spending time in Portugal and Spain this Spring,   Catman Cohen is planning a return to Los Angeles this Summer and hopes to begin work on his 4th CD, tentatively entitled, ‘Confessions of a Shadow.’

“Having completed The Catman Chronicles last year, I wanted to do one more CD that embodies compelling concepts and ideas that were overlooked in my previous efforts,”   Cohen stated.   “We live in nefarious times in which mindless hedonism and lowest common denominator priorities abound, and I am not sure I would be proud to be a commercially ‘hot’ artist today, given what culture junk typically must be purveyed   in order to gain prominence.”

“We are surrounded by the hallmarks of an Empire in decline,” Cohen elaborated, “notably a superfluity of intolerance, moral relativism, politically correct fascism, and misogyny.   No matter how many key advances are made in the scientific realm, the societal fabric is transmogrifying to an alarming degree and it seems science alone is incapable of ‘saving’ us.”

CATMAN COHEN’s song “THERE WAS A BOY” is now playing at SKOPE RADIO.

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