“Coquet Coquette” is the lead single from of Montreal’s 10th album, False Priest, which is due out in mid-September. That R&B influence present in “Coquet Coquette” is an approach that Barnes has honed in on in this new al ­bum, which features guest vocals from genre sirens like Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister) and the year’s most renowned breaking artist Janelle Monae (who will be joining of Montreal on the road this fall). Barnes even stepped out of his Athens-based home studio to record False Priest at LA’s Ocean Way Re ­cording and collaborate with producer Jon Brion (of Kanye West, Fiona Apple and Elliott Smith fame).

Regarding the much anticipated album, Barnes told Pitchfork.com, “There’s a lot of very dancey, very funky songs … We try to have these ‘holy fuck’ moments where you’re really having your mind blown, espe ­cially if you’re listening to it on headphones.”

[youtube hx01UXtjuFg nolink]

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