Dutch independent label Provogue Records has announced an October 12 street date for Devon Allman’s Honeytribe’s latest recording SPACE AGE BLUES. Allman shares, “I had a concept that you could simplify as ‘Darth Vader meets B.B. King.   Even before I’d written the first song, I decided I wanted to make a statement about the way we live. I love blues and I’m a sci-fi geek, so I imagined a marriage of the two: music with a backbone that’s solid and soulful, lyrics that talk about where we’re at and where we’re heading, and a sprinkling of cosmic dust – colorful, creative sounds – on top of everything.”
The album is his second with bassist George Potsos and drummer Gabriel Strange.   The 11 tracks offer a musical thrill ride, carefully constructed, but full of surprises like guitar licks that explode into whistling comet trails, lush beds of strings and an overall sonic palette that draws on the best of electric music’s past and present.   There is an emphasis on composition and the band has captured something timeless amongst these songs.   As the lyrics of the song “Space Age Blues” speak to the theme of life in the digital age, Allman, Potsos and Strange draw from the wellspring of Curtis Mayfield and Led Zeppelin to define their own distinctive Southern-rooted fusion musically.


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