2010 marks the 60th Anniversary of Elektra Records, one of the most revered labels in the history of modern music.   In celebration, the company has launched Elektra60.com, an innovative, interactive digital experience that tells the stories of the legendary artists, the music, and the culture that have defined the label over the past six decades.   Conceived and curated by Elektra founder Jac Holzman, who currently serves as a Senior Advisor to Warner Music Group Chairman and CEO, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Elektra60.com draws on the label’s rich archives to create a unique, ever-evolving experience designed to reward deep and repeated exploration.

The launching pad and central feature of Elektra60.com is a dramatic, user-controlled Timeline that traces the history of the company from its beginnings in 1950 to the present day, highlighting nearly 100 significant artists.   Searchable by year and by artist, the Timeline incorporates streaming audio, multiple images, video content, and historical information.   As the viewer scrolls along the Timeline, various elements relating to each year and each artist float to the surface.   The Timeline provides multiple portals into the full site, where visitors can further investigate the Elektra story.   The full Elektra60.com site will feature a continually growing, expanding array of content, combined with opportunities for viewer commentary and participation.  


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