The Common Grackle, a bold looking bird native to the eastern coast of North America, has been known to mimic the sounds of other birds and even humans at times.   Are we to assume then, that The Great Depression, the debut full length from Common Grackle, would simply be musical regurgitation?   The answer is a resounding no.  

Common Grackle, a seamless Canadian collaboration of young indie pop mastermind Gregory Pepper and renowned hip-hop producer Factor has delivered some of the most inventive and intoxicating music of the summer.   Fusing Gregory Pepper’s ear for distinct, floating melodies and Factor’s uncanny ability to make even the most benign rhythm sound driving and memorable, Common Grackle will leave the kind of impression on listeners that will last long after the last birds have flown south for the winter.

[youtube nQfviud1GYk nolink]

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