Thee Nosebleeds, Self-Titled

Thee Nosebleeds and their exhilarating debut album definitely get the Jimmy Rae WOW factor here.   Hard to imagine that this BIG & LOUD sound comes from just three guys out of Philly.   The three members in this group include: Kermit Hell Lyman on lead vocals & guitar, Rev. Kevin J. Cooper on bass and Zach The Knife on drums.   Actually, Kevin and Zach also play in the band Mikingmihrab and I had the pleasure of reviewing their album Tres Tontos for Skope.   Now…Cooper & Zach The Knife have found front-man Kermit Hell Lyman and the rest is history; Thee Nosebleeds are born!

The motto for this band should be ‘play hard or go home’ because that is exactly what they’re doing on this new record.   You get an extreme amount of intensity and energy coming from all three musicians.   As soon as you push play, Thee Nosebleeds are off to the races!   The adrenaline-rushed music continues on throughout the entire recording giving you exciting & electrifying performances.   These artists jam the hell out on each and every song never letting up on the gas once!   I couldn’t stop myself from getting hooked into this contagious sound that Thee Nosebleeds have created.   It’s fun, it’s ballzy and I was enjoying every minute of it!

What I was hearing overall was a mixture of styles & influences that included: hard rock, metal, punk and even some blues thrown in.   You experience a dose of hard blues on songs “Pigfoot’s Revenge” and “Goner”.   They’re giving you straight rock that is in-your-face whether you are ready or not.   Thee Nosebleeds are locked & loaded as they bring the heat in heavy fashion.   Make no mistakes about it though because these guys from the City of Brotherly Love consider themselves to be nothing more and nothing less than a rock band.   Kermit responds to this notion by stating: “We play both kinds of music.   Rock and roll.”   Billy Joel’s already touched on this idea and that is that at the end of day it’s just freakin’ rock ‘n’ roll man.   I couldn’t help but notice that on the last track fittingly titled “Track 14”, there was a lot of crazy stuff goin’ on.   First, for about five minutes or so you’re just hearing a conversation between the three men and then the boys come blaring in at about the 5 ½ minute mark.   From there, you hear Thee Nosebleeds yelling out “Show ‘em your tits” over and over and with authority I might add.   Then, they proceed to applaud each other at the end for a job well done as they prove to have a funny bone or two or three.  

I applaud you too Nosebleeds because I literally had a blast jamming out to all of your songs.   BEWARE because too much fun & excitement might actually give you a nosebleed if you’re not careful.   Listen at your own risk as Thee Nosebleeds are not responsible for uncontrollable nose bleeds & movement.   What they do ask is that you rock out like there is no tomorrow and enjoy the new Thee Nosebleeds’ new record to its fullest.   I definitely got my fill and will be coming back for more soon!   For more on this explosive rock trio and their debut release, SKOPE out  

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[Rating: 4.5/5]

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