Ric Zweig, Running Out Of Time

I have to say that Ric Zweig is not Running Out Of Time by any means.   Quite the contrary actually; this singer/songwriter/classic rock musician is just getting warmed up.   With the release of this new record, the music world has a lot to get excited about.

Zweig spent 20 years in the field of law as a judge, prosecutor and defense attorney.   He decided to shift his efforts toward a music career in the early 2000s.   This crucial decision in his life I’m sure was an incredibly hard choice to make.   But…if you listen to this album, you will see that Ric Zweig chose wisely.   After making the big move into the rock world, Ric started working on songs, bought a guitar and taught himself how to play.  

Since then, Zweig has been playing as a solo act and also as the lead singer/rhythm guitarist for the rock cover bands Easy Rider & The Pale Riders.   He performs regularly in South Florida as well as Panama City, Panama where his second home is located.   This timeless artist blends together cool, feel-good vibes of classic rock ‘n’ roll & adult contemporary.   You hear an incredible amount of feeling come pouring out of Ric Zweig’s mouth as he sings.   From a vocal standpoint, you’re getting a very genuine delivery that puts a listener at ease.   It’s simply amazing to think that this man was strictly part of the legal world not too long ago.   His quick leap into music &music making proves to be highly efficient.   When you hear Running Out Of Time, you will think that this guy has been in the game for many years.   Zweig displays a professional touch not just as a singer/songwriter but also as a guitarist.   I was blown away at the fine guitar playing here as you witness firsthand the skilled precision.   Right from the start on the title track, I’m lovin’ the rock guitar riffs that gets you energized right off the bat.   It’s rock & roll all the way at its finest brought to you by Ric Zweig.   The guitar moments on this record really stand out in a crowd; I was highly impressed.   When hearing Ric’s voice and style of singing, I’m picking up on a heavy influence of Bob Dylan & Bruce Springsteen.   The tone, at times, is so mellow yet so powerful like on track seven “Something For Her”.   On song eight, “Mr. Good Vibe”, Zweig is a man of his word as he delivers the goods.   These positive vibes are much needed during these crazy times we live in, so my hat’s off to you sir.  

In the end, Ric Zweig seems to flow naturally and I think we have found a real & true artist here.   He may be a bit older in age now but that doesn’t matter because Zweig has discovered a talent that will last forever.   I’ll refer to Ric as The Real Deal “Mr Good Vibe” because he further adds to that notion by donating five dollars to the American Cancer Society for every album sold.   You’re getting a more than decent human being and good, old-fashioned rock & roll sounds; what more can you ask for!   For more on Ric Zweig and his new release that will run its course, SKOPE out www.riczweig.com.  

By Jimmy Rae (jrae@skopemag.com)

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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