Lolla Preview: Cut Copy

The Australian electro pop band Cut Copy offer up beautifully composed keyboard melodies layered on rich electronic arrangements. The tall and lanky front man, Dan Whitford, plays synth as he sings his catchy lyrics. His voice has that new wave monotone quality that effortlessly glides over their all-enveloping electronic wall of sound. This is music you have to dance to; it picks you up and compels you to move your body. Plus the lyrics beg you to sing along.

They just are set to release a new album. Their previous albums include In Ghost Colours and Bright Like Neon Love with songs like “Feel the Love”, “Hearts on Fire” and “Going Nowhere”. “Lights and Music”, an up-tempo dance anthem laced with electronic fuzz, driving beats, guitar riffs, dreamy vocal chants, and catchy melodies topped by Whitford’s sing-song lyrics “Lights and music are on my mind / be my baby one more time.”

Cut Copy perform 7:30 pm on Saturday on the PlayStation stage.