Hip-hop hybrid group No Surrender, composed of Mr. Steeples, Seraphim, and Gnomad, set out to make what Seraphim calls “the direct opposite of what a typical hip-hop video might be,” for their first single “Godda Get It”. “In terms of art direction and visuals, I can’t think of anything in hip-hop like it,” notes Seraphim.

“I’m definitely proud of that”. He’s not kidding; the video is one of a kind and expertly executed. The music video is trippy, witty, stylish and fun. It has enough blinking lights and powerful colors to give an epileptic the seizer of his life. Plus, it has conceptual substance. “The concept has a lot to do with consumer culture and the general confusion between wants, needs, and desires,” says Seraphim. The chorus, “I want to get it get it,” repeats while a woman’s face changes and eventually turns into a price tag. “Godda Get It” is experimental animator Maya Erdelyi’s first music video.

[youtube PR2gf_nnRfo nolink]

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