Creating a healthy blend of musical melancholy and mayhem, Southern punksters, DEATH IN THE PARK, are set to release their self-titled album through Austin indie label, End Sounds. This critically praised undertaking will be available digitally on August 24, with physical distribution on September 14.

Vocalist Andy Jackson’s (Hot Rod Circuit, Say Anything, Terrible Things) inspiration came after the 2007 Warped Tour through his friendship with members of the band Paramore. Later, recalling a song from his favorite band as a youth, Archers of Loaf, Jackson, now with guitarist Ronnie Gardner, chose the name, and DEATH IN THE PARK was born. This punk quartet (complete with Jake Sloan on bass and Aaron Holmes on drums) out of Montgomery, Alabama, brings new light to the familiar genre and is unafraid to take the next step, to stretch themselves musically, even in the face of creative crisis. Taking their cues from bands such at Queens Club, Minus the Bear, Phoenix, and Panic at the Disco, they create a unique sound that mixes genres. Regarding their music, DEATH IN THE PARK hopes to create a real “crime scene feel, very Dexter meets CSI, and kind of gory.”

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