If it wasn’t Cisco’s couch or a hammock under the palms in Malibu, Mr. Smith was somewhere out there, in a neighborhood near you, armed with Coronas, limes, beats and a manifesto demanding us all to live it up. But now that he’s got a couch of his very own and a much bigger fridge, he’s never been more restless. Home, it turns out, is only a state of mind. And it’s called Love Stoned.

“I did the whole record in my living room. In my house,” Smith says with a hint of pride. “I’ve never actually lived alone! Having my own spot, just a hub where my friends and creative partners can come over has been huge. The past couple of years doing Shwayze has been all about chillin’ and partying–and don’t get me wrong, I’m only 25–but it’s been a coming-of-age kind of thing. This record’s got its party tracks, but I’m doing it at home, on my own. It’s been a real growing experience and a great way to challenge myself.”

<a href="http://aaronsmith.bandcamp.com/track/cant-do-it-alone">Can&#8217;t Do It Alone by Aaron Smith</a>

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