Stadiumred is proud to announce their contribution to two of the best selling albums of 2010; Eminem’s “Recovery” and Drake’s “Thank Me Later”.
Stadiumred team members Justin “Just Blaze” Smith and Sid “Omen” Brown have been credited on two number one albums.   Just Blaze and Stadiumred are   credited on Eminem’s record breaking “Recovery” that was released June 21, 2010.   Stadiumred and Omen were also both credited on Drake’s recent number one album “Thank Me Later” which was released on June 15, 2010.
Songs credited read as follows:
Eminem’s “Recovery:
Song: “Cold Wind Blows”
Song: “No Love ft Lil Wayne”
Song: “Your Never Over”
Song: “Bonus Track ft Slaughter House”
Drake’s “Thank Me Later”
Song: “Shut It Down ft The Dream”
Song: “Show Me a Good Time”

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