Sweden has been impacting the American music scene for decades, and its newest starlet Kerima has something special. “This Night” is already a hit overseas where it has been #2 for over a month on Sweden’s leading social network Snowfish.   In the U.S., “This Night” already has a radio buzz and is quickly spreading across dance radio formats.   SiriusBPM has been spinning “This Night” over 35 times a week, AOL Radio sent “This Night” directly to their Top Dance channel where it is gaining popularity, Party 105.5 added “This Night” to their Club Cuts rotation with 10-14 spins a week, and internet dance radio trendsetter Fusion Radio added “This Night” last week.   Kerima “This Night” was produced by Eric LeTennen (Ace of Base) and is out today, June 8th via Phatplanet / Phase One.

[youtube kSwEu_VYMWE nolink]

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