Schleusolz, 10 Movies

Are you ready for some well-orchestrated, cinematic pieces that will keep your attention from beginning to end?   If you answered yes, then get prepared for Schleusolz and their exciting set titled 10 Movies.   This record definitely reads as a movie transcript with something for everyone out there.   Just as you get lost in a movie, your imagination will run wild as you experience this full-length, feature film album.   A music soundtrack to 10 Movies that aren’t even in existence will make anyone stop and think twice.  

Schleusolz is made up of two studio masters from Frankfurt, Germany: Worsel Strauss and Schani Wolf.   A little over a year ago I had the privilege to review Schleusolz’ debut album Running Out Of Time.   Right away I knew that this group was special because their style was so unique, quirky & different, which could not be ignored.   The incredible use of sound with a very electronic/spacey feel is what I picked up on then.   A year later, the Frankfurt duo definitely hangs onto those classic charms while adding a brand new layer to the mix.   This new dimension that Schleusolz includes in their set would be one geared toward a film-like experience & live orchestra feel.   You will get an album full of soundscapes & instrumental themes that will put your mind to the test.  

All compositions on this disc follow along just as a film would complete with an intro, middle, climax and conclusion.   So…grab your popcorn and favorite lazy chair and enjoy the show!   The cinema-on-CD starts up with “The Perfect Pitch” that is quite suspenseful in nature leaving you on the edge of your seat.   The audio flick rolls along with the next score “Nights at 4 am” that is extraordinarily different while a bit of a solemn & sad sensation hits you.   On “Palmer is in the System”, you get that famous Schleusolz trippy vibe while on “This is the Time” enjoy a peaceful yet space-like night outside with the crickets chirping all around you.   Next up on “Service Nonexisting”, you’re witnessing a zany & wacky funhouse effect that is coming straight out of the Schleusolz Carnival.   Strauss & Wolf add a nice touch with an all-out orchestra approach on “Because it’s There” that is very well done.     The German duo brings you some drama and then a dose of mystery on “Calling A35” and “Eridanos Part 1_The Sacrifice”.   The track “200 and Counting” is an electrified thriller that comes equipped with some hard rock/metal riffs.   “Clean and Raw” offers the audience wonder and surprise while “How Long is Forever_” gives off a bit of a creepy, Sleepy Hollow-type-of-vibe.   On “Your Choice”, electro madness surrounds the air waves with a beat-tastic atmosphere.   The futuristic sound is in full effect here as the lasers are blasting off and adding a perfect touch.   The musical soundtrack ends with a finely orchestrated, action-packed number with “Waechtersbach”.  

This concept of mixing movie themes with orchestra music and electronica is simply intriguing to the listener.   What you get here from Schleusolz is a well-written script complete with an electronic symphony orchestra.   I can’t forget to mention that Strauss and Wolf had some help from rock performer Antes Zeppelin who added a touch of edginess to the project.   10 Movies is complete now as Schleusolz hopes that you enjoyed the show.   For more on this eclectic duo and their new release, SKOPE out   Get ready as Worsel Strauss & Schani Wolf set the stage for summer blockbusters to come or not to come.

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 4/5]

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