Darklight Corporation, Self-Titled

Get ready for some hardcore metal for your eardrums.   Darklight Corporation is going full steam ahead with their new record and they don’t seem to be letting up on the gas at all.   DC is bringing you adrenaline-rushed music that you can bang your head to, so throw up those horns and get ready!

Darklight Corporation is based in New Zealand and the band is made up of four members: founding member/guitarist/producer–Chris Prenter, Brazilian-born frontman & lead vocalist–Fabio Santos, Elliot Chao on bass and Dean Beck on drums.   What I noticed after listening to this record in its entirety is that the FULL band effect is highly evident.   Each musician is bringing their A game when it comes to contributing to the all-around DC sound.   I, myself, loved the high-powered electricity between the drumming and guitar playing.   You also can’t deny the overwhelming presence of lead singer, Fabio Santos who sings with such a ferocious intensity.  

Right out of the gates on “One Man Revolution”, you’re getting a large dose of that fierce demeanor thanks in part to Fabio’s petrifying vocals.   The energy is simply insane here even as you slide into the next track, “Nailbomb”, which exhibits gut-wrenching, aggressive angst.   You definitely pick up angry elements that are all heavy, dark and in-your-face!   When you get to song three, “Born to Govern”, you will experience a fast-paced, hardcore rampage that is Darklight Corporation.   This group is coming for you, ready or not, and they are bringing it home with extreme authority on the closing track, “Ramrod69”.  

The madness behind Darklight Corporation and their meaning is aimed toward credit card companies in NZ and how they prey on the poor.   This disgusting act that happens everyday there and right here in the U.S. is the fuel for their fire.   The aggression, frustration and anger are all expressed loud & clear by DC.   Santos & company are giving you a screamfest for 2010 & beyond.   The vocalizations are done in a very grimacing manner with death metal influences ringing in your ears.   One other very interesting aspect about this band was the fact that they had a very unique industrial metal sound at times.   Prenter spent five years in London where he was surrounded by electronic music.   This electronica scene heavily influenced Chris to where it became part of who Darklight Corporation is.  

I actually did not connect with DC on the whole due to the constant deep-voiced yelling.   I am a big fan of certain metal, myself, but I prefer the artists that throw in a scream here or there.   The brutally forceful singing & shrieks dominate this entire album and I’m just not a fan.   I do know though that there is a large fanbase for this kind of music, so Darklight Corporation will be just fine.   I do have to end by saying that this group has such an authoritative & powerful aura that feeds right into your senses.   The energy and intensity is just unreal, which makes them a special force in the music world.   Now someone…anybody…let it all out:   AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!   Hope you feel better now and I’m sure Darklight Corporation wishes the same.   For more on this New Zealand-based band and their new release, SKOPE out www.darklightcorporation.com.  

By Jimmy Rae (jrae@skopemag.com)

[Rating: 2.5/5]

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