As the lines between cool underground electronic music and savvy, accessible pop continue to blur, a trio from Southern California arrive to strike while the iron’s hot and show the world the slick, engrossing electro pop that they’ve been honing over the last few years.

Human Life are made up of veteran house music producer Joshua Collins, and musicians and singers Matt Wasley (a producer of solo work for the likes of Bedrock, Nettwerk and of several rock bands) and Rachael Starr (of Till There Was You fame) and cut a fine life in cool, catchy, potent electro with pop vocals and strong song writing. Citing influences including classic French and Chicago house and pop music as diverse as Genesis, Toto and Depeche Mode along with Prince and Happy Mondays, theirs is a sound which combines the best of the underground and the overground without contriteness or awkwardness — and it’s one that’s already been catching the attention of French legend Alan Braxe and Radio 1’s Jaymo.

[youtube QU2xCaCDoRM nolink]

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