The Gracious Few release their first single, “Honest Man,” this Tuesday, May 11.   The song is from their upcoming self-titled debut, due later this summer on the bands own imprint, Questionable Entertainment.   The Gracious Few was formed from the remnants of 90s’ rock juggernauts LIVE and Candlebox in mid 2009, both bands having achieved worldwide adoration and fame for their albums, live shows and musical craftsmanship.   The Gracious Few was produced by Jerry Harrison of the band Talking Heads, his production credits include LIVE, Violent Femmes, No Doubt and more.

Over the past decade and half, the two groups have enjoyed an assortment of musical career highs, robust concert attendance and wildly successful album sales.   Leaving some to wonder why the collective members of The Gracious Few (TGF) would tackle a new band project in such musically trying times.   “Simple,” says Chad Gracey (TGF co-founder and drummer) “it’s what we love to do, and what we do best.”

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