MySpace Music, the premier online music community, and TuneCore, the world’s largest digital distribution and promotion service, today launched an exclusive comprehensive global offer providing MySpace artists with a worldwide marketing, advertising, fan data, promotional, discovery, streaming, social networking and distribution solution.

At the click of a button, any MySpace musician can now get paid for their MySpace streams and have any of their music and/or ringtones distributed to iTunes, AmazonMP3 and many more stores while keeping all of their rights and getting all of the money from the sale and use of their music. In addition, each artist gets $50 worth of advertising to market and promote themselves on MySpace as well as all the additional marketing and promotion, sales data, educational and other services of TuneCore.

Finally, in the next 60 days, all MySpace artists will be able to log into TuneCore using  their MySpace ID providing a more seamless experience.


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