It is officially past March 30th and the curtains for Wordsmith’s “Vintage Experience” album have officially been lifted for the feature presentation. Broken up into 4 chapters with unique movie scores; the album plays out like a Movie on Wax. Featuring the singles “Hook-up Hotline,” “Tour Guide to New Bride” and “As the Art Fades Away,” the material in general, ranges from songs Wordsmith wrote/recorded from 2006 to 2009.
Most of the production came from his in-house producers Strada, Professa, Capish, Street Level with outside help from Rednaz Beats. The features were kept to a minimum with only Chubb Rock, Camp-Lo, Grand Daddy I.U., Soulstice, Junclassic, Kontact & Black Knight and local DMV stars Kimia Collins and Whitefolkz lending verses on the album.


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