“Stylo,” the first video from the hotly anticipated third Gorillaz album Plastic Beach, will premiere globally on YouTube on March 2nd, 2010. The video premiere will follow the March 1 launch of a streaming full album preview as part of NPR Music’s Exclusive First Listen series at www.NPR.org/music

Directed by Jamie Hewlett and produced by Cara Speller for Zombie Flesh Eaters, with live action by HSI Productions in Los Angeles, and animation by Passion Pictures in London, “Stylo” follows Gorillaz bass demigod Murdoc Niccals through a dangerous trip to the mainland from his new home on the Plastic Beach namesake of the new record. Something goes badly wrong and Murdoc, guitarist/Cyborg Noodle – who has replaced her (its?) flesh and blood counterpart since the original’s apparent demise in the previous Demon Days’ final video “El Manana” — and vocalist 2D end up in a high speed car chase with a local cop and an unknown assailant. Cyborg Noodle’s circuits start failing and 2D fears for their lives as the gun toting bounty hunter draws ever closer….


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